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Tambayan ng mga pinoy na walang magawa at gusto lang may makausap, magdownload, matuto, at makihalubilo sa kapwa pilipino.
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PostSubject: ANDROID MEGA PACK [GAMES + SOFTWARES]   Sat Aug 13, 2011 6:51 pm

AppSwipe! (2.0.2b)
CardioTrainer (1.5.2) - (2.4.1)

Gang Wars - 250 Respect Points (2.7).apk
Gang Wars - 40 Respect Points (2.5).apk
Gangstar 2 - Kings of L.A. (1.2.7).apk
Garden of WEEDen (2.8.1).apk
Gem Miner - Dig Deeper (1.1.3).apk
Go! Go! Rescue Squad (1.0.4).apk
Gomoku (1.0.0).apk
Goobers vs Boogers (1.5.3).apk
GoodJob!! Buddy! (1.0).apk
Grave Defence (1.1.0).apk
Guitar Hero 4.apk
Guitar Hero 5 (1.2.0).apk
Guitar Hero Rock Stars.apk
Guitar Hero World Tour (1.6.3).apk
Gulp! (1.0.1).apk
Head To Head Racing (1.0.4).apk
Heli Rescue (1.2.0).apk
Helicopter 3D (1.0.3).apk
Hockey Nations 2010 (1.1).apk
HollyWood Hospital (1.0).apk
HomeRun Battle 3D (1.2.6).apk
House M.D (1.0).apk
HyperSpace (1.3..apk
Hypter Lite (1.0.3).apk
iCommando (2.6.1).apk
iDemolished (1.1.1).apk
iDracula - Undead Awakening (1.3.2).apk
iGameTheRich2 (1.2).apk
Inspector Gadget (1.0.4).apk
iPingPong 3D (1.0.0).apk
Iron Sight (1.0.1).apk
J. Rabbit (1.0).apk
Jack and Jiggle Plus.apk
Jewellust (2.0.9).apk
Jewellust Xmas (1.0.1).apk
Joyland Bounce (1.6).apk
Jump!Santa Jump! (1.0).apk
JumpyBall (1.5.1).apk
Katamari (1.0.2).apk
Kenny Roger Blackjack (1.0).apk
Kitten Cannon (1.0.31).apk
Klitschko Boxing (1.0.1).apk
Klondike Solitaire.apk
Kollision (1.01).apk
Kreuzwortraetsel Pro XL (DE) (1.0).apk
Labyrinth Full (1.3).apk
Lego Batman (1.0.0).apk
Light Racer Elite (2.0.1).apk
Lightracer 3D (1.2g).apk
LightUp (1.10).apk
Lode Runner Full (1.0).apk
Lunar Lander.apk
Maejong (1.3).apk
Magical Drop Touch (1.0.1).apk
MahJong Fairyland (1.1.12).apk
Mahjongg Solitaire Pro (2.2).apk
Maru Maru (1.0.0).apk
Maths Workout+ (1.60).apk
Mechanics Touch (1.0.15).apk
MetalStorm 3 (1.0.3).apk
Meteor Brick Breaker (1.1).apk
Meteor Deluxe (1.3).apk
MicroRace Beta (0.99).apk
Midnight Billard 2 (1.1.3).apk
Midnight Bowling 2 (3.2.1) .apk
Midnight Hold`em Poker.apk
Midnight Pool 2.apk
MilitaryMadness (1.0).apk
Million Dollar Poker (1.0.9).apk
Millionaire 2010 (1.0.0).apk
Mini Golf 3D (2.1.0).apk
Mini Shot Basketball (1.3).apk
MonkeyJump (1.1).apk
Monopoly - Here and Now.apk
MooDroid (1.1.0).apk
MotoXMayhem (1.0).apk
mPuzzle (1.0).apk
MS Soccer (1.3).apk
Mystique - Chapter 1 Foetus (1.0.5).apk
Mystique - Chapter 2 The Child (1.0.2).apk
Mystique Chapter 3 - Obitus (1.0.4).apk
Mytopia Spades Master Live (1.20) .apk
NaughtyDice (1.2.0).apk
Neuro3D (1.0.6).apk
New York Nights 2.apk
Night at the Museum - Battle of the Smitsonian (2.0.0).apk
Nineholegolf (1.0).apk
Ninja VS Ghosts (3.3).apk
Nintai (1.0.12).apk
Orb Knockoff (1.4).apk
Oregon Trail (1.1.10).apk
PacMan (1.0.5).apk
Panzer Panic (1.0.0).apk
PapaStacker (1.2.7).apk
Par 3 Golf (2.0.2).apk
Par 72 Golf (2.0.4).apk
ParkingBreak (2.2.1).apk
Parkour - Roof Rider.apk
Path of a Warrior (1.0.6).apk
Pee (1.2).apk
PilotLines (1.0.1).apk
Pinball (1.1..apk
Plateau (1.2).apk
Platinum Solitaire 2 (0.0).apk
Platinum Sudoku.apk
Plox - Tower Defense (1.0.6).apk
Pobs (1.2.1).apk
Pocket Puppy Full (1.0.3).apk
Pocoro Full (1.2.0).apk
Postal Babes (1.5.0).apk
Prince of Persia (1.0.0).apk
Production Meeting (1.01).apk
PUFF! (1.0.0).apk
Pulse Rider (1.4.3).apk
Puzzle Blox (2.0.9).apk
Pyramid Puzzle (1.0.0).apk
Radiant (2.4).apk
Raging Thunder (1.0.7).apk
Raging Thunder 2 (1.0.4).apk
Real Football 2009 3D.apk
Real Football 2010 (1.0).apk
Retro Defense (1.2.4).apk
Revival 2 (
Revolution 2217 (1.2).apk
Robo Defense (1.2.0).apk
Robophobia Lite (1.0.5).apk
RockOut Acoustic Pro (1.1.1).apk
Roland Garros French Open 2009 (1.1.4).apk
Saboteur (1.0.35).apk
Sally's Spa (1.0).apk
Salvo (1.0).apk
Sex Positions Game - Couples Edition (3.0).apk
Sexy Poker Top Models (1.0..apk
Sexy Poker.apk
Sexy Truth or Dare Couples (2.5.1).apk
SGT Puzzles.apk
Shoot The Ducks (1.0.0).apk
Shoot U! (1.3.0).apk
ShootingRange3D (1.0.1).apk
Shopper's Paradise (1.06).apk
SimCity Metropolis (1.0).apk
SkyDroid Golf (1.0).apk
SkyForce (1.27).apk
Slime Ball Speed Way (1.2.7).apk
Slots (1.32).apk
Snow Rally Canada (1.1).apk
Sokodroid (1.2.5).apk
Solitaire Deluxe (1.33).apk
Southpark MegaMillionaire (1.0).apk
Space Invaders (1.0.0).apk
Space Physics (1.7.5).apk
Space STG - Galactic Wars (1.2).apk
SpacePhysics level package (1.5.4).apk
Spades (1.2.0).apk
Spades Master Live (1.20).apk
SpecTrek (1.3-12).apk
Speed Card (1.0.0).apk
SpeedForge 3D (1.31).apk
Speedx 3D (1.1.6).apk
Spheremare (1.0.3).apk
Spiderman - Toxic City.apk
Spiel der Weisen (DE) (1.0).apk
Spira Defense Pro (1.2.2).apk
Spore (1.0).apk
Squirrel Earl (1.0).apk
String 'em In (0.0.2).apk
String 'em In English version (0.0.2).apk
Stroids (1.0.4).apk
Stuck! (1.2.1).apk
Sudoku (1.5.4).apk
Sudoku Bomb (1.0.3).apk
SudokuCamera Full (1.0.2).apk
Summer Games (1.0.3).apk
Super Air Hockey (1.0.21).apk
Super Boom Boom (1.0.0).apk
Super K.O. Boxing! 2 (1.0.0).apk
Super Tumble (1.0).apk
SuperGstunt (1.0).apk
Survive! Japanese Lite (0.1.3).apk
Surviving High School - New Rules for Android (1.0).apk
Tangram Master (3.1.0).apk
Tangram Pro (1.0.5).apk
Tank Ace 1944 (1.0.5).apk
Tap'n'Feed (1.0.6).apk
Tap'n'Feed (1.1.0).apk
Texas Hold'em- Chat & Play.apk
Texas Hold'em Offline (1.0.24).apk
Texas Hold'em Online.apk
TextTwist Turbo (1.0).apk
The Game Of Life (1.0).apk
The Settlers (1.1.2).apk
The Sims 3 (1.0.9).apk
The Wars (1.1.1).apk
Three Kingdoms Land Master (1.0.1).apk
ThrottleCopter (1.0).apk
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09.apk
Tightrope Hero (1.0.1).apk
Tiki Towers (1.0).apk
Toddlers Shake it (2.0.0).apk
ToonWarz (1.0.7).apk
Torect (1.0.3).apk
TossIt Pro (1.6.0).apk
Totemo (1.27).apk
Tower Bloxx (1.0.4).apk
Tower Defense (1.2).apk
Tower Raiders GOLD (1.17).apk
Towers Full (1.0.69).apk
Trism (1.3).apk
Uno (3.1.2).apk
Vacuum (1.0).apk
Vegas Pool Sharks (1.0.10).apk
Void Defence Pro (1.2.2).apk
Volcano Island (1.0).apk
Warehouse Manager (1.0.0).apk
Wave Blazer (1.0.5).apk
What the Doodle! (1.0.41).apk
Who wants to be a Millionaire.apk
Wimbledon 2009 (1.0).apk
Winds of Steel (1.1).apk
Wixel Full (1.1.6).apk
WordPops (1.0.4).apk
WordSearch (1.2.0).apk
WordUp! (1.2.4).apk
WordUp! Upgrade (1.0.2).apk
WordWrench Full (4.2.514).apk
World Series of Mahjong (1.0.1).apk
World War (1.1).apk
WSOP Texas Hold'em Legend (1.0.0).apk
WT09 (1.0).apk
XGalaxy 2 (1.24).apk
Yahtzee Adventures (1.16.4).apk
Yokiyo (1.0.5).apk
Zebra Paint (1.2).apk
Zen Table Tennis (1.0.2).apk
Zenonia (1.1.1).ap
Installation instructions:
1. Install the program archive FreeArc (run the file FreeArc-0.666-win32.exe)
2. By right-clicking on the file, the shortcut menu, choose FreeArc: Extract To ...
3. Wait extracting archive..

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